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UK / CIMA - Looking for advice

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Ecrit le: 09/06/2020 14:22
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I apologise for using English, mon français n'est pas encore assez bon.

I am currently a CIMA Management Level (I think this is about the same level as BTS CG) student, and I have around 10 years experience in the UK, working as a management accountant.

I have recently moved to France, and I will start looking for work in August / September. I may study if that is a better option.

My main options are:

a) continue CIMA and start to look for a job in Paris or London. I could probably finish CIMA in 1 year.

b) Start BTS CG, which could take two years (and there is a small chance I go back to the UK, so this would be worthless)

c) consider other job opportunities in France, such as consulting, training (I have excellent Excel skills etc etc)

For salary in France, I would be happy to start on €30K, or less if there was opportunity to progress quickly.

I have a few questions:

1) French employers don't seem to recognise CIMA, so do you think I need a BTS CG in order to be employable in France?

2) Is it possible to claim exemptions from some parts of the BTS?

3) Would you recommend BTS, or is there another method of entry?

3) If my French was good enough, do you think I would be considered for any jobs in France with just CIMA?

4) If I do a BTS, I would probably do distance learning. Do I have to arrange a stage myself?

Merci de votre aide!

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Re: UK / CIMA - Looking for advice
Ecrit le: 11/06/2020 00:48
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French accounting system is different than UK. So working as accountant in France require a BTS CG. But if you grab a job in an international firm subsidiary with a reporting to the parent, I think yes, you can work there easily.
Maybe with your long experience, you CIMA can have some equivalence in French BTS exam.
Hope some people here can help you although your request is in English.

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